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Scientific Direction

Scientific Direction
San Camillo Hospital - Venice
Scientific Institute for Research, Hospitalization and Health Care
Certified email:
Tel. + 39 041.2207269 - Fax. +39 041.2207469
Scientific Director Temporary vacancy.
The duties are carried out by the General Director.

The Scientific Director receives by appointment at no. 1, ground floor pavilion A (announce in scientific office secretariat at no. 23, ground floor hall A - to the left of the entrance).


Scientific Research Activity

In addition to the health care service, the San Camillo Hospital in Venice has for many years been carrying on extensive and ongoing scientific research and cultural updating in the field of neurorehabilitation. Research is made up of clinical trials carried out at hospital facilities and services, as well as more specifically experimental investigations, conducted mostly by specially dedicated laboratories and research centers. This activity was recognized by the Italian Ministry of Health, which in 2005, in conjunction with the Veneto Region, awarded to the San Camillo Hospital in Venice the qualification of Scientific Institute for Researsh, Hospitalization and Health Care  (IRCCS) for the discipline of "Neurological, Communication and Behavioural Rehabilitation". This acknowledgment is confirmed every two years by a ministerial decree.

The Italian IRCCS qualification envisages that, in addition to excellence in health care, there is a strong commitment to translational research activities in all areas of rehabilitation. The aim is to provide the National Health Service with data on the effectiveness of the application of innovative tools and interventions. These data are also useful in the preparation of guidelines for the treatment of motor and cognitive outcomes associated with various neurological diseases, on which the San Camillo Hospital in Venice has always been committed and distincted.

These activities aim, both in the interest of the Guest collaborating and in research, to facilitate the discovery of new care and new rehabilitation processes. Those who wish can view the reports on the clinical-scientific activity of the hospital. The results of such research, in fact, are constantly subject to publications in Italian and international journals. Collected two-yearly in volumes, they are fully available in the scientific library of the hospital itself.

In this regard, IRCCS San Camillo Hospital in Venice feels the need to concentrate efforts and resources for the rational use of the new technologies available, in an attempt to reach the best possible knowledge to improve therapeutic intervention, including through a close multidisciplinary collaboration.

The San Camillo IRCCS Hospital has made a great effort to properly equip its own laboratories and clinical and basic research centers, developing a particular competence in neuroscience over time. This is also thanks to the institutional funding of the Ministry of Health and Foundations, as well as through collaborations and synergies with individual research institutions, both Italian and foreign. For many of the researches carried out and ongoing, the IRCCS San Camillo Hospital has made use of a wide network of collaborations with important international institutions, including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston United States), University of Sheffield (United Kingdom), London (United Kingdom), Harvard (United States), Bethesda (United States), Tubinga (Germany), Gottingen (Germany), York (Canada) and numerous university centers, Foundations And Italian institutes. This activity has given rise to extensive scientific production, both as communications to national and international conferences, and as publications in international journals. In addition, the research activity is accompanied by an intense training and cultural updating activity for the sector's operators, which has taken place in the organization of many refresher meetings and international prestigious international conferences. Additionally, the didactic activities that are part of numerous conventions with different Universities for the conduct of practical internships by doctors, psychologists, nurses and technicians under the guidance of the specialized staff of San Camillo.


Articolo 10 dello Statuto della Fondazione "Ospedale San Camillo"

1. Il Direttore Scientifico è nominato dal Consiglio di Amministrazione, precisando anche l’inquadramento contrattuale, l’impegno in termini di presenza e la retribuzione annua, distinguendo quella fissa da quella eventualmente commisurata al raggiungimento di risultati. 
2. Il Direttore scientifico deve essere in possesso di laurea e di comprovate capacità scientifiche e manageriali acquisite nell’esercizio di incarichi apicali presso strutture di ricerca pubbliche o private; costituirà titolo preferenziale per la nomina un adeguato curriculum accademico nel settore della ricerca. Il Direttore Scientifico è nominato per la durata stabilita dal Consiglio di amministrazione all’atto della nomina. 
3. L'impegno del Direttore Scientifico deve essere, anche in termini di effettiva presenza, tale da garantire gli obiettivi di ricerca perseguiti dalla Fondazione. In questo senso, ove possibile, sarà privilegiata l’ipotesi del rapporto a tempo pieno. 
4. Sono affidati al Direttore Scientifico compiti di coordinamento, direzione e responsabilità delle attività scientifiche, di ricerca nonché il reperimento dei fondi per il raggiungimento degli obiettivi fissati. 
5. Il Direttore Scientifico gestisce il budget per la ricerca assegnatogli dal Direttore Generale, secondo le linee programmatiche e contabili definite dal medesimo organo, in misura, non inferiore al finanziamento pubblico europeo, nazionale e regionale destinato alla Fondazione per l'attività di ricerca.


Segreteria della Direzione Scientifica IRCCS Ospedale San Camillo di Venezia
Referente Grant Office e
segreteria scientifica

Viviana Zanin 
Tel. 041.2207269 - Fax. 041.2207141
Segreteria Scientifica Giulia Vinci
Cristina Memo 
Tel. 041.2207269 - Fax. 041.2207141
Grant Office Margherita Chiarot 
Tel. 041.2207269 - Fax. 041.2207141
Nucleo per la Ricerca Clinica Nicolò Anesa
Michela Agostini
Tel. +39 041.22073765 - Fax. +39 041.2207238
Biblioteca scientifica Giulia Vinci
Tel. 041.2207269 - Fax. 041.2207141

The Secretariat of the Scientific Direction is located at no. 23, ground floor hall A (to the left of the entrance). Receives:

  • Monday - Wednesday - Friday from 10 am to 12 am
  • Thursday from 2 pm to 4 pm

Inside the scientific secretary, a Grant Office is active to seek international funding and to manage the ongoing European projects.

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